7 Movies & Series Shot in Gran Canaria: Cinematic Treasures

7 Movies & Series Shot in Gran Canaria: Cinematic Treasures

Welcome to the Tandy Productions blog! This time, we will dive into the fascinating world of film and television on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. With its breathtaking landscapes and its versatility to transform into different scenarios, Gran Canaria has become a dream destination for numerous film productions and TV series. Join us as we explore the 7 most famous movies and series that chose this island as their backdrop.

  1. Moby Dick (1956)
    Directed by John Huston, this epic adaptation of Herman Melville’s novel was partially filmed on Gran Canaria. Its majestic coastal scenery and the imposing Atlantic Ocean added an undeniable charm to this unforgettable maritime adventure.
  1. Clash of the Titans (2010)
    This fantasy and Greek mythology film, directed by Desmond Davis, used the magical landscapes of Gran Canaria to bring to life the dazzling locations of ancient Greece. Its sand dunes and rocky cliffs created a unique and mystical atmosphere for the film.
  1. Allied (2016).
    A gripping spy thriller and romance directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. Gran Canaria stood out as the setting for some of the World War II scenes, capturing the beauty and tension of the island in this espionage film.
  1. Fast & Furious 6 (2013)
    This action and speed blockbuster, directed by Justin Lin, chose Gran Canaria for some of its dizzying chase scenes. The streets and roads of the island became a battlefield for speed lovers.
  1. The Mother (2019)
    This highly anticipated action movie, starring Jennifer Lopez, was largely filmed on beautiful Gran Canaria. The island became the perfect setting to bring to life the plot full of excitement and danger, where Lopez plays a hired assassin who must save her daughter’s life.
  1. The Abyss (2022)
    A thrilling action-adventure series, where a team of civilian divers collaborate with a Navy commando on a search and rescue mission for a sunken nuclear submarine. Gran Canaria provided the perfect setting to recreate this risky and exciting underwater operation.
  1. TV series – ‘The Witcher’.
    Gran Canaria has also been chosen as a setting for famous TV series. The hit fantasy series ‘The Witcher’ filmed some of its scenes on the island, taking advantage of its stunning natural landscapes to bring to life the mysterious world of the witcher Geralt of Rivia.

The beauty and versatility of Gran Canaria have captivated filmmakers and producers from all over the world, making it a dream destination for audiovisual production. At Tandy Productions, we are honored to have been part of this rich filmmaking tradition on this wonderful island. We look forward to continuing to create memorable projects and contributing to the splendor of Gran Canaria in the world of film and television.

Thank you for joining us on this cinematic journey! Stay tuned for more exciting content and projects on our blog – see you next time!

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